A science based coaching approach

A science based coaching approach

In an era where we are becoming more and more aware of the impact our lifestyle has on our health, we quickly find ourselves saturated with contradictory information. Move more! Eat healthy! Sleep better! What should I do, who should I believe? Does this apply to me?

At Principia, we don’t sell gimmicks or a quick fix.
We teach you simple and proven principles that will allow you to unlock your true potential and, we will guide you through the process.
We will teach you to understand how your body works so that you can discover the best version of yourself.

Your body has a lot to tell you, listen to it!

What to expect when you come to Principia

What to expect when you come to Principia

Initial interview

We take the time to talk together, listen to your needs and set goals.

Sports and nutritional assessment

We establish our starting point by assessing your physical abilities, your diet and your lifestyle.

Coaching sessions

You will have a dedicated coach and high quality equipment in a private facility. Everything that you need to reach your goals. We are here for you.

Status updates

Benefit from frequent exchanges with your coach to update your goals and ensure your progress.

"A fun atmosphere, that is grounded in science, both motivating and results oriented"

Jenny K.

"If you give it your best shot, they won't let you down"

Sanja S.

"The team is particularly attentive and very friendly"

Alain B.